Social politics of the state and territories (Articolo in rivista)

  • Social politics of the state and territories (Articolo in rivista) (literal)
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  • Barbieri Andrea; Mangone Emiliana (2008)
    Social politics of the state and territories
    in ReS (Salerno); CEIM, Mercato San Severino (Italia)
  • Barbieri Andrea; Mangone Emiliana (literal)
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  • Barbieri Andrea, Mangone Emiliana : IRPPS-CNR (literal)
  • Social politics of the state and territories (literal)
  • Taking into consideration the reality of the territory, we are presented with a particular sharpness in the field of social politics2. Since the social politics of the state are about fundamental rights, essential for social cohesion and individual well-being (health, occupation, training and insertion into society, etc.), we cannot see their effectiveness if we are looking at the place of people's lives: this headline the territorializing of the state in the social field should be carried out in an exemplary way3. At the same time this field comes across multiple problems which give several different politics. These services have been placed historically, culturally and operatively but have nothing in common with one another. In this way what we evidently see in the public sector the inter-ministerial approach rather than the global approach to situations which are associated to this most of the time. Overall, it is important to estimate that the territorializing of state action risks, in a social way, appear at a brutal breaking point with major inheritance, building up over tens of years of intervention which answered to the approach by (population) (people who suffered handicap, people with similar pathologies, and those whose social position had those connections.) We can therefore see at first sight that it would be potentially risky for the effectiveness of the politics in question and also for the population it is addressed to. The promotion of territorializing levels out and upsets the naturalization of such matter4. It would be better if we could manage the two approaches together rather than separating them. It is therefore clear that we are faced with a difficult task to collect a fortiori for the Ministers whose ways are often seen as being too weak compared to the depth of their mission. This would result in problems for the organizations whose task would be to pull out the best of both logics. Segue nel pdf (literal)
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