Lentils from small italian islands: a molecular analysis (Abstract/Poster in atti di convegno)

  • Lentils from small italian islands: a molecular analysis (Abstract/Poster in atti di convegno) (literal)
  • 2005-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 (literal)
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  • Sonnante G., Pignone D. (2005)
    Lentils from small italian islands: a molecular analysis
    in XVII Eucarpia Genetic Resources Section Meeting, Castelsardo, 30 marzo - 2 aprile 2005
  • Sonnante G., Pignone D. (literal)
  • Plant Genetic Resources of Geographical and \"other\" Islands (literal)
  • Poster (literal)
  • CNR-IGV (literal)
  • Lentils from small italian islands: a molecular analysis (literal)
  • Lentil cultivation in Italy has drastically declined during the last century. Nowadays, this commodity is mainly cultivated in marginal areas of Central and Southern Italy and in some small islands; in many instances this crop is based on local landraces. Plant morphological traits alone are not sufficient to identify each landrace; the use of molecular markers can help differentiate closely related genotypes, trace the origin of unknown material, and help understanding their diffusion, thus substantiating their specificity. In order to investigate the extent of diversity within and among lentil germplasm from small Italian islands, landraces from Ustica, Linosa, Pantelleria, Ventotene islands, and one landrace from Villalba (Sicily) were studied by means of ISSRs. Amplifications of DNA templates were performed using six primer combinations; electrophoretic profiles were scored for presence or absence of bands and each band was considered a dominant allele. Genetic analyses revealed that a high degree of similarity was present among the landraces collected in small Sicily islands (Pantelleria, Linosa, and Ustica), which at the same time showed a limited intra-population variation and similarity to the Ventotene landrace; this might suggest that they share a common origin. The Villalba sample showed high level of differentiation from all landraces examined thus indicating a different origin of this landrace. (literal)
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