A survey of Italian chipping operations (Articolo in rivista)

  • A survey of Italian chipping operations (Articolo in rivista) (literal)
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  • Spinelli R. 1, Hartsough B.R. 2 (2001)
    A survey of Italian chipping operations
    in Biomass & bioenergy
  • Spinelli R. 1, Hartsough B.R. 2 (literal)
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  • Uno studio sulle operazioni di sminuzzatura (cippatura) in Italia (literal)
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  • Gli autori hanno preso in esame oltre 100 operazioni di cippatura per valutare la produttività. I tempi di produzione per materiale fresco diminuivano con l'aumentare della potenza della cippatrice e della misura dei pezzi. (literal)
  • ISI Web of Science (WOS) (literal)
  • 1 CNR, 2 Univ. Davis, Cal. (literal)
  • A survey of Italian chipping operations (literal)
  • We observed over 100 wood chipping operations, using time-and-motion methods to quantify their productivities, and interviews and observations to subjectively evaluate the factors that affect their existance and character. Productive time per green tonne decreased with increases in both chipper power and piece size. In Italy, chipping has evolved from a primary business for contractors who processed whole trees, to a secondary activity for loggers who dispose of residues by chipping them for particleboard. In recent years, biomass-fueled district heating plants in northern Italy have been added to the mix of users, and larger electric power plants may expand the chipping industry in the near future. Operators who heavely utilize chippers prefer self-propelled machines. Tractor-powered and towed chippers are used in a wide range of conditions, but the latter are restricted to landings while the former are employed at landings and within stands. Disc chippers have dominated the industry, but drum chippers are making inroads, especially in fuel supply operations. Chips are transported by farm tractors and powered trailers when distances are short (up to 3-4 km), by high-speed tractors for intermediate distances, and by trucks for distances over 30 km. (literal)
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