S2P05_IMDIS2013_CNR_ISAC_GOS_Forneris (Contributo in atti di convegno)

  • S2P05_IMDIS2013_CNR_ISAC_GOS_Forneris (Contributo in atti di convegno) (literal)
  • 2013-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 (literal)
Alternative label
  • Vega Forneris, Cristina Tronconi, Gianluca Volpe, Simone Colella, Bruno B. Nardelli, Andrea Pisano, Rosalia Santoleri (2013)
    in IMDIS, Lucca, Italy
  • Vega Forneris, Cristina Tronconi, Gianluca Volpe, Simone Colella, Bruno B. Nardelli, Andrea Pisano, Rosalia Santoleri (literal)
  • CNR-ISAC (literal)
  • S2P05_IMDIS2013_CNR_ISAC_GOS_Forneris (literal)
  • The CNR-ISAC Informatics Infrastructure for the Satellite Climatological and Oceanographic data: production, harmonization and dissemination in Interoperability Frameworks Vega Forneris, ISAC-CNR GOS, vega.forneris@artov.isac.cnr.it (Italy) Cristina Tronconi, ISAC-CNR GOS, cristina.tronconi@isac.cnr.it (Italy) Gianluca Volpe, ISAC-CNR GOS, Gianluca.Volpe@isac.cnr.it (Italy) Simone Colella, ISAC-CNR GOS, Simone.Colella@isac.cnr.it (Italy) Bruno B. Nardelli, ISAC-CNR GOS, bruno.buongiornonardelli@cnr.it (Italy) Andrea Pisano, ISAC-CNR GOS, andrea.pisano@artov.isac.cnr.it (Italy) Rosalia Santoleri, ISAC-CNR GOS, Rosalia.Santoleri@isac.cnr.it (Italy) The Satellite Oceanography Group (GOS) CNR-ISAC is one of the leading Units of the Earth Observation Division of ISAC-CNR since 1987 and focuses on operational Satellite Data processing and analysis. GOS is responsible for the Mediterranean and Black Seas satellite operational systems in the framework of several Partnership, such as MyOcean (http://www.myocean.eu/), SeaDataNet (http://www.seadatanet.org/), MOON (http://moon.santateresa.enea.it/), and others (some still under development). As Production Unit, CNR-ISAC GOS systems acquire satellite data from different data upstream (NASA, ESA, etc), process them in a distributed environment (grid, clusters/blades) and produce Near Real Time (NRT), Delayed Time (DT) and Re-analysis (RAN/REP) of Ocean Color (chlorophyll-a and several optics parameters such as KD490, RRS at several wave length bands, etc) and Sea Surface Temperature (at different spatial resolutions) covering the Mediterranean and the Black Seas. Working in such frameworks/projects, which involve several partners and institutes spread through Europe, made clear the importance of the interoperability of different realities (\"Being able to accomplish end-user applications using different types of computer systems, operating systems, and application software, interconnected by different types of local and wide area networks\" James O'Brien, George Marakas: Introduction to Information Systems, McGraw-Hill/Irwin). One of the main objectives of such shared projects was in fact to define standards and common approaches in order to standardize formats and interfaces, to provide end users with homogenous results in terms of data formats, conventions and interfaces for accessing those products. An overview of the processing procedures involved in such projects will be presented: o Satellite data processing: based on GRID technology, clusters and blades, GOS's processing chains download data input files (L0/L1/L2P_GHRSST) and process them up to final products (L3/L4) using regional algorithms, optimized through the implementation of C++ and/or MPI libraries and taking advantage of distributed computing o Products harmonization: will be presented a quick overview of formats, conventions and specifications commonly used, in particular: NetCDF Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Convention (http://cf-pcmdi.llnl.gov/), INSPIRE DIRECTIVE (http://inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu/), GDS (GHRSST Data Set) documents: (https://www.ghrsst.org/documents/q/category/gds-documents/) o Products dissemination: MyOcean Project will be used as use case, showing the THREDDS catalog and its interfaces (OpenDAP and WMS) and MOTU (custom software deployed in the MyOcean Project framework) used for creating higher levels services (MOTU). (literal)
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