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  • OpenQaSS (Progetti) (literal)
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  • Fulantelli G., Taibi D., Denaro P., Arrigo M. (2014)
  • Fulantelli G., Taibi D., Denaro P., Arrigo M. (literal)
  • Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche (literal)
  • OpenQaSS (literal)
  • One of the burning issues of today is how to improve the quality of learning/teaching in schools. A particular focus has been placed on European vocational educational (VET) schools and training centres as the current economical crisis is forcing them to provide immediate responses to the young and unemployed. To help to overcome these challenges the implementation of EQAVET (European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training) highly recommends the spread of a quality culture in VET institutes, claimed as an essential condition for improvement The European report on the implementation of EQAVET reveals several difficulties (the lack of a quality culture, the reluctance of the staff, and the lack of human resources are commonly quoted) and states that improved methods and approaches are needed to speed up the process. These difficulties hinder the implementation of a Quality Assurance System (QAS) at all level of education. Open QAsS project offers small but effective steps towards this need for overall improvement. The main concept behind the project vision is to utilise the practical potential of today's networking technology in all areas of the implementation of the EQAVET Reference Framework principles, and so to make the resulting tools part of the daily practice of institutional Quality Assurance in our VET schools. (literal)
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