3D Video Simulation of a Debris Flow (Contributo in volume (capitolo o saggio))

  • 3D Video Simulation of a Debris Flow (Contributo in volume (capitolo o saggio)) (literal)
  • 2015-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 (literal)
  • 10.1007/978-3-319-09054-2_16 (literal)
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  • F. DUTTO (1), M. ARATTANO (2), M. CHIARLE (2), C. CONTRAFATTO (1)AND L. TURCONI (2) (2015)
    3D Video Simulation of a Debris Flow
    in Engineering Geology for Society and Territory, 2015
  • F. DUTTO (1), M. ARATTANO (2), M. CHIARLE (2), C. CONTRAFATTO (1)AND L. TURCONI (2) (literal)
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  • Engineering Geology for Society and Territory (literal)
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  • 1 Provincia di Torino, Civil Protection Department, via A. Sordi 13, Grugliasco, Torino; 2Research Institute for Geo-hydrological Protection (IRPI), Italian National Research Council (CNR), Strada delle Cacce, 73 - 10135 Torino, Italy (literal)
  • 3D Video Simulation of a Debris Flow (literal)
  • Springer International Publishing Switzerland (literal)
  • In 2011 a consortium of different institutions leaded by the Civil Protection Department of the Turin Province and including the CNR IRPI, the University of Turin and Thales Alenia, realized a 3D video simulation of a debris flow in motion. The 3D video, which is part of a larger installation that includes also the representation of a landslide and of a snow avalanche, allows a direct interaction with the process through a joystick. This latter, in fact, allows to change the viewpoint of the user, choosing an aerial view, a lateral one or a view that is closer to the ground permitting a more detailed observation of the phenomenon in its progress. The video has primarily instructional and educational purposes, enabling the user to acquire a personal reality of a debris flow and to become aware of its different aspects. It is also an example of the precious support that monitoring data may provide, since the virtual simulation was strictly based on real data recorded in field installations. The 3D video was created as a tool to support the communication activities devoted to explain to the general public the basic principles of civil protection through a direct involvement in a situation of danger. This involvement can be an important stimulus to better understand the natural phenomenon under investigation and to assimilate the basic behaviors needed for self defense. The video was realized with the funds of the European RiskNat project. (literal)
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