Wikyoto Knowledge Editor (Software)

  • Wikyoto Knowledge Editor (Software) (literal)
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  • Ronzano Francesco; Marchetti Andrea; Tesconi Maurizio; Minutoli Salvatore (2009)
    Wikyoto Knowledge Editor
  • Ronzano Francesco; Marchetti Andrea; Tesconi Maurizio; Minutoli Salvatore (literal)
  • http://kyoto-project.eu/xmlgroup.iit.cnr.it/kyoto/index1f74.html?option=com_content&view=article&id=320&Itemid=147 (literal)
  • CNR (literal)
  • Wikyoto Knowledge Editor (literal)
  • The Wikyoto Knoweldge Editor is the collaborative Web environment where the multilingual and multicultural community of KYOTO users interacts to maintain and extend, in respect to their particular domain of interest, the background knowledge of KYOTO, constituting the Multilingual Knowledge Base. It is implemeted as a Web application and provides a GUI to allow the user to browse the available information of the Knowledge Base and to add new information to it. The client side software is based on the jQuery and ExtJs libraries. The server side software is written in PHP and uses APIs to interact with some services such as DEBVISDIC (providing access to WordNets) and Wikipedia pages. Ref. Ronzano F.; Marchetti A.; Minutoli S.; Tesconi M. Wikyoto Knowledge Editor: The Collaborative Web Environment To Manage Kyoto Multilingual Knowledge Base The 6th International Conference on Knowledge Management: Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations Hong Kong, China, 2009 (literal)
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