CNR-TAE's activity on fuel cells (Abstract/Comunicazione in atti di convegno)

  • CNR-TAE's activity on fuel cells (Abstract/Comunicazione in atti di convegno) (literal)
  • 1997-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 (literal)
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  • P. Staiti, S. Freni, E. Passalacqua, V. Antonucci (1997)
    CNR-TAE's activity on fuel cells
    in 8th annual international energy week conference & exhibition, Houston (Texas), 28-30 January 1997
  • P. Staiti, S. Freni, E. Passalacqua, V. Antonucci (literal)
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  • CNR-TAE's activity on fuel cells (literal)
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  • The recognition of the advantages and efficiencies implicit in an economy based upon theelectrochemical conversion of fuels has led to address intensive efforts toward the development of the fuel cell technology. On phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFC) the CNR-TAE owns a full capability in PAFC technology and has built and tested 1kW power plant in an ENEA supported program. On molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC) the CNR-TAEhas matured a sound experience on the modeling of energy balances of MCFC with external or internal reforming, screening design and testing of reforming catalysts, on mechanisms of components ageing, catalyst formulation and innovative method to control the catalyst poisoning by means of porous ceramic membranes. In solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) research, a comparison between steam internal and external reforming, exhaust gas recycling reforming and use of partial oxidation has been performed. Basich researches on the mechanism of conduction in solid and search for novel electrolytes are in course. In the field of fuel cells operating at low temperature, the activity is addressed to the development of low Pt loading electrodes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC) and developmentof ternary catalyst supported on carbon black for electrochemical oxidation of methanol in direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC). Further research in course is on the fuel cell utilizing a new type of electrolyte; in this field, an heteropolyacid lab-scale monocell has been realised and successful tested. (literal)
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