EUKLID.f03 (source-code) (Software)

  • EUKLID.f03 (source-code) (Software) (literal)
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  • Cresto, Pier Carlo (2012)
    EUKLID.f03 (source-code)
  • Cresto, Pier Carlo (literal)
  • ID_PUMA: cnr.ise/2012-SW-001 (literal)
  • CNR-ISE, Sede distaccata di Sassari (literal)
  • EUKLID.f03 (source-code) (literal)
Descrizione sintetica
  • Anno del primo rilascio: 1988 Ultima versione: 03 Data ultimo rilascio: 2012-06-07 Tipo licenza: Altra Attributi licenza: XXXNNX Tipo disponibilità: By request (literal)
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are metrological instruments widely used today for the dimensional check of machine-members manufactured by industry. As it happens for all sophisticated devices, CMMs suffer from a series of behavioural errors. One of these errors source, is related to the geometrical precision with which the several mechanical bodies that make up CMMs are manufactured and assembled. This geometrical precision has an inherent lower threshold which is impossible or at least impractical to exceed. Under the simplifying suppositions that the CMMs' geometrical behaviour is fully stationary and that the mechanical bodies which make up CMMs are perfectly rigid bodies, it is possible to set up a mathematical model of the deterministic share of the geometry errors. This model is usually known as the eighteen kinematic functions mathematical model of CMMs' non-random and stationary geometry errors. The EUKLID.f03 program is designed in order to provide the full identification of all the eighteen kinematic error functions. This procedure is generally known as CMM self-calibration. (literal)
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