Insetti del nocciolo in Sardegna (Comunicazione a convegno)

  • Insetti del nocciolo in Sardegna (Comunicazione a convegno) (literal)
  • 2011-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 (literal)
Alternative label
  • Loru, Laura (1) (2011)
    Insetti del nocciolo in Sardegna
    in Frutticoltura di montagna, Belvì (NU), 10 giugno 2011
  • Loru, Laura (1) (literal)
  • ID_PUMA: cnr.ise/2011-B3-013 (literal)
  • (1) CNR-ISE, Sede distaccata di Sassari (literal)
  • Insetti del nocciolo in Sardegna (literal)
  • In Sardinia, the hazelnut is cultivated in the area of Barbagia di Belvì (Nu). Nowadays, many hazelnut orchards have been completely abandoned and even in the productive orchards agronomic management occurs occasionally. Two years of research and specific monitoring of the main pests have found a rather favourable situation. One of the most interesting findings is the complete absence of Curculio nucum (L.) (Coleoptera Curculionidae), which is considered to be the key hazelnut pest in Europe and Asia. On the other hand, there is particularly evident damage caused by Oberea linearis ( L ) (Coleoptera Cerambicidae), whose larvae attack the apical twigs. Among the spermophagous insects, the presence of hazelnut bugs, agent of the spotted-kernel has been observed. In addition, the presence of the bud mite Phytoptus avellanae Nal. has been noted. (literal)
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