Disorders of sex development in domestic animals (Curatela)

  • Disorders of sex development in domestic animals (Curatela) (literal)
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  • Villagomez DAF, Iannuzzi L, King WA (2012)
    Disorders of sex development in domestic animals
    in Sexual development (Print); Karger, Basel (Swaziland)
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  • Villagomez DAF, Iannuzzi L, King WA (literal)
  • 160 (literal)
  • Daniel A.F. Villag√≥mez (Zapopan, Mexico) Leopoldo Iannuzzi (Naples, Italy) W. Allan King (Guelph, Ont., Canada) (literal)
  • Disorders of sex development in domestic animals (literal)
  • 978-3-8055-9959-7 (literal)
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  • his issue focuses on disorders of sexual development in domestic animals and aims to provide an updated review of information and scientific studies that have advanced our understanding of the occurrence of abnormal genetic, gonadal and phenotypic sex of livestock and some wild and captive exotic animals as well as present relevant current original research findings. This special issue is intended to provide a comprehensive reference volume for those scientists, clinicians and students with interest in the field of sex ontogenesis of domestic vertebrates by providing an up-to date base of knowledge for understanding abnormal sex development of animal species. Topics include: molecular mechanisms of sexual development; disorders of sexual development and abnormal early development in domestic food-producing mammals: the role of chromosome abnormalities, environment and stress factors; telling the story of XX sex reversal in the goat: highlighting the sex-crossroad in domestic mammals; gonadal and sex differentiation abnormalities of dogs and cats; disorders of sexual development in the domestic horse, Equus caballus; the pseudoautosomal region and sex chromosome aneuploidies in domestic species; disorders of sexual development in wild and captive exotic animals; disorders of sexual development in poultry; molecular and cytogenetic studies in a case of XX SRY-negative sex reversal in an Arabian horse; GTG mutation in the start codon of the androgen receptor gene in a family of horses with 64,XY disorder of sex development; cytogenetic and molecular characterization of Y Isochromosome in a 63XO/64Xi (Yq) mosaic karyotype of an intersex horse; hypospadias in a male (78,XY; SRY-Positive) dog and sex reversal female (78,XX; SRY-Negative) dogs: clinical, histological and genetic studies; XX SRY-negative true hermaphrodism in two dogs: clinical, morphological, genetic and cytogenetic studies; Y-autosome translocation interferes with meiotic sex inactivation and expression of autosomal genes: a case study in the pig; low levels of X-inactive specific transcript in somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos derived from female bovine freemartin donor cells. (literal)
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