Place-identity and PlaceMaker: planning the urban sustainability (Articolo in rivista)

  • Place-identity and PlaceMaker: planning the urban sustainability (Articolo in rivista) (literal)
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  • Sepe, M. (2010)
    Place-identity and PlaceMaker: planning the urban sustainability
    in Journal of urban planning and development
  • Sepe, M. (literal)
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  • The paper deals with the sustainability identity index created starting from the complex map of analysis, produced by the original method of urban analysis PlaceMaker and the respective software. (literal)
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  • Special issue “Best Practices on Land Management Strategies” ISSN 0733-9488 (literal)
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  • Place-identity and PlaceMaker: planning the urban sustainability (literal)
  • The questions connected to the urban analysis wich study aspects that are not univocally translatable into objective facts regard in particular three appearances: the scientificity, and so the objectivity, of the results and the repeatability of the method in different contexts; the updating capability, and so the possibility to add new data, to modify the existing ones and to obtain other results; the times, and so the sustainable possibility of using the results respecting the evolution of a sustainable programming and town planning process. To answer to those questions the method of analysis PlaceMaker and the relative software, actually under development, have the following main characteristics: flexibility, facility and rapidity of use, strong graphical impact, indexing of the results. PlaceMaker is a method for analysing the contemporary urban landscape designed to identify the elements that do not feature in traditional mapping and which constitute the contemporary identity of the places, representing them in a complex map that renders those places intelligible. Starting from those premises, aim of this work, carried out in the framework of a Convention between Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and Dipartimento di Progettazione Urbana e di Urbanistica- Università di Napoli Federico II, is that of illustrating the method of analysis of PlaceMaker and investigating on the costruction of complex indices starting from data and symbols related to the place-identity. In order to support the study and the project of the sustainable urban landscapes, the symbols created for the elaboration of the complex map, final result of the analysis, are translated by the PlaceMaker software into numerical indices. Thanks to those characteristics, the prime users of PlaceMaker are: urban planners, administrators, citizen, all people involved in the sustainable city construction. To complete the work, suitable case-studies are presented. (literal)
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