MedMySea Dissemination (Rapporti progetti di ricerca)

  • MedMySea Dissemination (Rapporti progetti di ricerca) (literal)
  • 2008-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 (literal)
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  • Petrillo C.S. (edited by) (2008)
    MedMySea Dissemination
  • Petrillo C.S. (edited by) (literal)
  • Chapter 8 of the Volume MedMySea Project Final Results, pages 581-607 (literal)
  • The Chapter illustrates the Pilot Tour and the activities developed in order to produce the DVD-Documentary: a video made in order both to keep a record of the journey and of project’s experiences and to disseminate the outcomes of the project to the large public by short TV programmes. The Study-Trip on Sailing Boat action was useful to test the effectiveness of all the project activities: from re-discovery and enhancement of local identities to technological and professional advancements in tourism ports; from the hospitality of local communities to events and performances taking place in the schools; from the development of cultural and sea routes to the creation of brochures, videos and pictures. The DVD-Documentary proves how the Study-Trip on a Sailing Boat can be an example of a sustainable, instructive and marketable tourism product: students, researchers, teachers enjoyed the trip and had an important occasion for knowledge, socialization, contact with Mediterranean cultures and sites. (literal)
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  • MedMySea Dissemination (literal)
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