MedMySea Project Final Results (Rapporti progetti di ricerca)

  • MedMySea Project Final Results (Rapporti progetti di ricerca) (literal)
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  • Petrillo C.S. (edited by) (2008)
    MedMySea Project Final Results
  • Petrillo C.S. (edited by) (literal)
  • The intervention areas are among the most attractive destinations of the world: Phlegrean Fields (Campania), Punta Campanella (Campania), Lipari (Sicily), Metaponto (Basilicata), Pylos (Peloponnesus), Kalamata (Peloponnesus). The MedMySea partnership was composed by universities, research institutions, local administrations and Chamber of commerce, both from Italy and Greece. The Lead Partner was IRAT-CNR, the partners: Campania Region - Department for Tourism and Department for Territorial and Environmental Policy, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn; Department of Legal, Political and Social Studies (Pe.Me.Is.) of the Faculty of Economics of University of Sannio; Community of Mediterranean Universities (C.U.M.), Italian National Association of Yachting, (Assonautica); Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Messinia (MCCI); Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Corfu (KCCI); Messinia Development Agency (MDA). (literal)
  • Il download del testo è possibile all'indirizzo: Al volume è allegato il video \"Mediterranean: MythsandSea\" in formato CD-ROM (literal)
  • This volume describes the numerous and important activities of MedMySea “Mediterranean: Myths and Sea”, a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the European Union Initiative, INTERREG IIIB (2000-2006). The project aims to stimulate transnational cooperation involving national, regional and local authorities and to promote better integration within the Union through the formation of large groups of European regions. MedMySea main goal is to encourage the economic and social cohesion among Mediterranean tourism destinations by the creation and diffusion of an innovative and sustainable tourism product in some sites whose history is strictly linked to the sea and its inhabitants. A transnational network was set up among public authorities, SMEs and citizens of a cluster of Mediterranean zones. One of the most important strength of the project was the heterogeneity of the partnership made up of marine ecologists, economists, historians, public administrators and firms’ representatives. An interdisciplinary approach was used in order to re-discover common identities, starting from the exceptional cultural, historic and environmental heritage, but also from the current socio-economic scenarios to start future development processes. Economists and ecologists were researched for a common language and for the development of cultural frameworks of synthesis. MedMySea is the concrete result of the interaction between these two sciences. (literal)
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  • MedMySea Project Final Results (literal)
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