Medieval' Petra - Shawbak Project (Risultati di valorizzazione applicativa)

  • Medieval' Petra - Shawbak Project (Risultati di valorizzazione applicativa) (literal)
  • 2009-01-01T00:00:00+01:00 (literal)
Alternative label
  • G. Vannini, M. Nucciotti, E. Burri , A. Ferrari, P. Ragni (2009)
    Medieval' Petra - Shawbak Project
  • G. Vannini, M. Nucciotti, E. Burri , A. Ferrari, P. Ragni (literal)
  • Campagna realizzata in collaborazione tra CNR-IMC e il Dipartimento Scienze Ambientali dell'Università dell'Aquila nell'ambito della missione archeologica italo giordana diretta dal Prof. G. Vannini dell'Università di Firenze. (literal)
  • Università di Firenze (literal)
  • G. Vannini, Università di Firenze M. Nucciotti, Università di Firenze E. Burri, Università dell'Aquila A. Ferrari, CNR Istituto Metodologie Chimiche P. Ragni, CNR Istituto Metodologie Chimiche (literal)
  • Medieval' Petra - Shawbak Project (literal)
Descrizione sintetica
  • Esplorazione degli insediamenti rupestri di Wadi Shiliahl, in Giordania, per lo studio, il rilievo, la valorizzazione culturale e l'eventuale presenza del gas radon. (literal)
  • The 2009 Fall season of the 'Medieval' Petra- Shawbak Project was carried out between October and December 2009. A group of researchers composed of archaeologists, CNR researchers, speleologists, photographers and restorers was involved in the operations. The main aims of the campaign were: excavation, 3D survey, material analyses, speleological survey and building archaeology. The 2009 excavation aimed at widening area 35000 in \"the Crusader Palace\" (see 2007FR § 2.2) in the northern sector of the site. Besides excavation, material analyses of retrieved artefacts were carried out on a large scale for the study of ceramic material from areas 6000, 35000 and 39000. A staff of 3 specialised archaeologists was assigned this task. Building Archaeology took place, for the first time, on Ayyubid vernacular civil architecture of the \"via Recta\". The Archaeo-spelelological survey carried out by the team of University of L'Aquila included this year the Eastern valley of the castle/citadel and brought to the identification of a number of rock-cut settlements, two of which of great complexity. Photogrammetric survey and Computer Archaeology team coordinated by Pierre Drap (Cnrs L-Sis) achieved an important re-structuring of data management infrastructure and started experimenting 3D photogrammetry also on ceramic artefats. Topographic survey, coordinated by Roberto Gabrielli (Cnr Itabc), included an implementation of D-GPS fiducial points grid and 3D modelling of areas for which the computer model of Shawbak castle walls showed gaps. Besides the works at the castle, the Direction (Guido Vannini and Michele Nucciotti) held several meetings with local, national and international stakeholders for EU based fundraising of Shawbak Project and for the restoration of the site. Meetings included (but are not limited to): HE Minister Maha Al-Khatib (MoTA), HE Past-Minister Shehadeh Abu Hdaib (MoMA), HE Fawwaz Al- Khraysheh (DoA), Arch. Mohammad Momani (MoMA), Mr Abed Al Rahman Khaled Al Rawarah (Mayor of Shawbak), Dr Anna Paolini (Unesco), Dr Emad Ejazeen (PAP), Dr Faris Nimri (Jordan Museum), Dr Gaetano Palumbo (World Monument Fund), Dr Makiko Okumura (JICA), Dr Yola Isaac (RJ), Dr Barbara Porter (Acor), Ms Dania Husseini (King Hussein Foundation). (literal)
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